8 Benefits of an Organic Deodorant: 100% Natural Premium Deodorant

Organic Underarm Deodorant
100% Natural Premium Deodorant


Why change to an organic underarm deodorant?

  1. It contains 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Unlike antiperspirants that eliminates underarm odor but contains chemicals that can harm the skin, organic underarm deodorant contains natural ingredients like tea tree oil, neem extract, and alkaline water that are proven to help kill bacteria that cause some skin problems, such as itching and darkening,
  1. The 100% natural ingredients of the organic underarm deodorant help deodorize your underarm. It neutralizes the sweat from your underarm and allows you to smell fresh all day long.
  1. It doesn’t clog up pores in your sweat duct and stop your sweat from getting through your skin’s surface, but it allows your body to release toxins naturally, preventing skin irritation, while still regulating your underarm’s odor.
  1. Whitens your underarm skin and exfoliate your dead skin cells that cause your underarm to look dark.
  1. Contains Neem extract that smoothens your underarm and heal your dry and damaged skin. It also helps to keep bacteria and secondary skin infections at bay for its strong antiseptic properties.
  1. Say no to unpleasant yellow underarm tarnishes on your clothes! Unlike non-organic antiperspirants available in the market that contains aluminum, which causes the yellow stains on clothes, 100% Natural Premium Deodorant is aluminum-free.
  1. Is completely safe for pregnant or lactating moms can safely use the Organic Underarm Deodorant because it is made from natural ingredients.
  1. Using natural based underarm deodorant reduced your risk from getting breast cancer. Studies say that aluminum compounds apply to the skin area close to the breast can cause growth of “estrogen-like” hormonal effects. Estrogen helps the development of breast cancer cells.

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