About Us


To make available all-natural, eco-friendly and affordable organic skin care product choices of the finest quality, conveniently delivered to families by harnessing the pure benefits of botanicals and promote conscious, healthy living.



To become a world-leader in all-natural, organic skin care products for the whole family  that inspires, supports and contributes to a holistic healthy lifestyle with respect for Mother Nature.


Core Values

The Happy Organics was founded by a young and innovative entrepreneurial mother who was driven by the need to spend more time with her family, thus, adheres to these three core values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Social Goodness
  3. Superior Quality



The Happy Organics believes in “beauty inside and out”. We believe that product quality comes first but we also believe that proper presentation is as vital. All their products are made from pure and natural extracts and have committed themselves to produce organic quality products to the customers at affordable prices.


Being confident of our product development procedures and our desire to provide not only effective but also unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful and affordable products that can be delivered conveniently everywhere is something that we want to be known for, thus, we make sure that the company’s integrity is our top priority at all times.


Social Goodness

As an aspiring global leader in organic care products, we seek to contribute to the society in every way. We recognize the important role of family and gender equality in the community and the nation as a whole and thus, a significant portion of the company’s activities is exhausted in helping others have a secure and sustainable source of income right at the comforts of their homes.


Superior Quality

All our products are invariably created to satisfy all the customers’ needs and expectations. From product conceptualization to packaging, we want to assure that each step and process has been designed to produce the products that will not only give utmost benefits to the customers but will also uphold and reflect the company’s objectives and goals. In The Happy Organics, we endeavor to build and maintain lasting relationships of trust with clients, therefore, superior quality is one of our lifetime commitments.



  • To expand the business, enter the world the market and deliver quality organic beauty care products to a wider range of consumers.
  • To empower consumers to choose products that will promote a holistic lifestyle of health and respect to the environment.
  • To promote and strengthen the use of organic products and practices and help reduce the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals and other harmful substances.
  • To provide a home-based business opportunity to people especially the mothers who want to earn additional income while taking care of their kids and spending more time with their family.


Product Line

Starting from only hand-made soaps, The Happy Organics now has a total of forty-one (41) products, categorized under three main groups:

  1. The Happy Organics – Hair Care
  2. The Happy Organics – Body Care
  3. The Happy Organics – Skin Care

Every product of The Happy Organics is carefully researched, well-thought of and designed with the customers’ benefits and delight in mind. In The Happy Organics, all our beautifully-packaged products contain no harmful substances. We can assure you that all ingredients are eco-friendly and complementary to the skin. With all of these excellent product qualities, you’ll be surprised that they come at affordable prices that will not break your bank.


Ideal Customers

The Happy Organics customers include local celebrities, entrepreneurs, private establishments and ordinary individuals. Although a majority of our customers are

women, our products cater to the whole family who wants to make conscious efforts to improve their healthy lifestyles regardless of gender, age and nationality.

We take our customers’ needs personally and make it our responsibility to ensure that we have a suitable workforce, equipment, knowledge, processes and experiences to satisfy their beauty care requirements.



In early 2014, Michelle Maureen Lim-Roque, inspired by a friend’s online business success, founded The Happy Organics, a company that provides all-organic products locally and abroad.

After much research, she found that the organic beauty care products available in the market today do not satisfy some of the customers and her personal standards so she created organic hand-made soaps from the finest oils and botanical extracts.

The feedbacks from the customers were definitely positive. The soaps are said to not only smoothen and brighten the skin but also heal clients’ skin conditions. Because of her hand-made soaps’ success, she was encouraged to expand the business to be able to cater to a larger market while continuously perfecting the product and its processes.

In May 2014, the business operation was temporarily stopped when she gave birth to her twins but also resumed that same year upon loyal customers’ requests.

Now, The Happy Organics offers 41 all-natural and organic cosmetic products distributed all over Metro Manila and in selected provinces in the Philippines.

Due to Ms. Lim-Roque’s success in making a home-based business and her fervent desire to personally take care of her kids and spend more time with her family, it has become her personal mission to help others earn from home and empower mothers like her by providing advantageous partnership programs.



The Happy Organics mainly targets stay-at-home mothers and people who wanted to work from the comforts of their homes and maximize the use of Social Media and the internet to reach their market.

Currently, the company has one hundred nine (109) authorized distributors all over the country, one (1) in Bahrain and another in Brunei.


Key Processes

The creation of The Happy Organics products start from careful analyzation of the customers’ needs, perfect the exact organic formulation of each and handcraft them in small batches for every skin-type.