Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder 100g


Our green coffee extract is the dried and powdered extract from unroasted “green” coffee beans. It is water soluble and blends well in shakes and smoothies. Roarganics green coffee extract loose powder is a more affordable yet equally or even more effective alternative to capsuled supplements.

Green coffee extract is currently one of the top natural products for weight loss. This is because of the concentration of a substance known as chlorogenic acid which helps increase metabolism and reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. This substance, along with other nutrients, is destroyed during the roasting process to produce the common coffee beverage.

Note that what we carry is the Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder. This is not to be confused with what other companies sell which are just plain whole raw coffee beans or crushed/powdered raw coffee beans. They have a lower concentration of the fat-burning chlorogenic acids and doesn’t work as fast in causing weight loss. Also, they’re actually very expensive given the fact that they’re just plain unprocessed coffee seeds (they should actually be cheaper than roasted coffee).

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Product Description

*Green coffee extract may be effective in weight reduction. However, caution and moderation must be observed as it also contains caffeine. Excessive intake of caffeine may temporarily lead to jitters, palpitation, hyperactivity, and sleeplessness.
*For this reason, we advise taking no more than half a teaspoon per day in morning and increasing only as desired.

How to use:
*It tastes bitter but less so than roasted coffee. It doesn’t have the burnt taste and aroma of roasted coffee.
*The simplest way to take green coffee extract is to mix half a teaspoon of it and mix it with sugar in a shot glass and drink it straight. We advise against taking green coffee extract or any heavily caffeinated beverages six hours from when you are supposed to sleep.
*If you are taking green coffee extract for weight loss in conjunction with exercise, we recommend mixing it with our maca root powder.
*If you are taking green coffee extract for weight loss without exercise, we recommend taking it with our barley grass powder and doing our SBGC (SUPER Barley-Green Coffee) Diet.

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