Pure Barley Grass Powder (Hordeum Vulgare)


Barley grass is immensely nutritious. A single tablespoon of the powder contains more vitamins and minerals than the average daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Health Benefits
*Immune System Support. Barley grass powder is known to promote alkalinity of the blood (opposite of acidity)…
When your blood is alkaline and oxygenated, it can perform tasks better and you’re less prone to getting sick or having cancer.
Being acidic is just the reverse (this is why a common denominator among all cancer patients is that they’re all acidic).

*Cholesterol Reduction. Barley grass powder is a good source of beta-sitosterol which inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.

*Antioxidant properties. Barley grass scavenges free radicals which are responsible for causing and aggravating inflammatory problems such as gout and arthritis

*Weight Loss. You can make a basic meal replacement smoothie with just barley grass powder, banana and water. You can replace all your meals in a day or just some depending on how fast you want to lose weight.


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Product Description

The Happy Organics advantage
*Our barley grass powder is pure. When comparing to other brands, we recommend checking the ingredients.
*Ours have no flavorings, artificial color, extenders, etc. It’s just 100% barley grass powder
*THO is the more affordable way to go if you’re going to use barley grass powder on a daily basis.

Difference between barley grass and wheatgrass
*Different companies selling either barley grass and wheatgrass will insist one is better than the other when the truth is that both have nearly identical nutrition profiles.
*Barley grass has the advantage of being mildest tasting of all green superfood powders (the others are wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella).
*Its taste is very similar to wheatgrass but only slightly milder that only long-time users can only discern the difference

How to use
*Taste: Mild and leafy taste comparable to Matcha.
*It’s now finer which makes it more water soluble and more fragrant. It even tastes better than matcha if you try to compare.
*You can use it with green coffee extract to lose up to 1 kilo per day by following the SBGC weight loss program.
*Other suggested use: In a tumbler, put unsweetened pineapple juice and 3 tablespoons of barley grass powder. Shake well. Drink and eat with banana.
*Use straight up with just with just water, honey and 2T barley grass powder.

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100 g, 250 g


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