Pure Maca Root Powder (Lepidium Meyenii) 100g


Maca is a root crop grown exclusively in Peru. It’s has long been revered as a superfood even before the term was coined. Maca is an adaptogen just like ginseng. It shares many of the same health benefits, but it’s stronger and works more instantaneously.

In Peru, in the era of the Teotihuacan empire, maca was reserved for royalty. It was also given to soldiers during wartime because of its ability to improve strength, stamina, and recovery.

During peacetime however, they’re forbidden to have maca because of its strong aphrodisiac effects. Even then, maca is known for its ability to significantly boost libido.

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Product Description

For mental focus and physical performance
*Add a teaspoon of maca in your pre-workout drink. According to some users, gives you energy like steroids – without the unsightly stomach bloating and spike in aggressive behavior.
*Maca’s tonic effect increases drive, physical strength, and body heat. This leads to increased sweating which helps those who are trying to lose weight or achieve better muscular definition. You may experience these similar benefits with some synthetic supplements, but the noticeable difference with maca is that it doesn’t lead to palpitation. Maca root is caffeine-free.
*Taking maca after a workout not only improves performance during exercise, it also hastens muscle recovery and repair.For mood swings and other hormone imbalance issues
*As an adaptogen, maca works on the endocrine system which is responsible for the production and balance of our hormones – chemicals that stimulate specific cells and tissues into action.
*Hormone imbalance is the cause of acne, mood swings, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, etc.
*Maca works instantly on the ones you can feel (mood swings and sex drive), and works gradually and surely on the ones you can see (acne and hair loss).

Maca for fertility issues
*If either or both you and your partner have fertility issues, simply mix half a teaspoon of maca powder in your coffee every morning. You should experience changes in as little as 5 days.

How much maca should I take?
*Start off with a quarter teaspoon of maca. Mix it thoroughly in chocolate or coffee powder before adding water.
*Take it once a day, preferably in the morning. Observe its effects and increase your intake as desired.
*To continuously enjoy its health benefits, take maca no more than 5 days per week, cycling it off your system for 2 days

*Maca is great for people who are suffering from insomnia. However, If you work graveyard shift and your body has become accustomed to staying awake through the night, taking maca may not be advisable.
*People who stay up at night have developed a hormonal imbalance which lets them stay awake. This practice, if prolonged, leads to more and more severe health issues from diabetes, to heart disease, to degenerative brain conditions.
*Even a small amount of maca, when taken without having had a 6-8 hours of sleep at night, will almost instantly cause relaxation and sleepiness. The experience is similar to taking sleeping pills.
*As a general rule, maca works in reverse if taken without sufficient sleep.

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