Organic Soap Made From Tomato and Lime

Tomato & Lime Complexion Soap
Tomato Lime Complexion Bar


Do you want to have a beautiful, smooth, and fair skin? You can’t find the best beauty soap out there? You have to try this organic soap from The Happy Organics.


An organic beauty soap made from tomato and lime fruits’ natural acids and added witch hazel extracts.


Shrinking large pores, neutralizing oils, and preventing skin break outs, such as acnes.
Ideal for oily, acne-prone, blemished, and combination skin types.


Tomato & Lime Complexion Bar is made from tomato and lime and witch hazel extracts. These three organic ingredients are known for their distinct properties which contribute to a healthy skin.

Tomato, which has an abundant supply of lycopene, has a tightening quality that helps shrink large pores resulting to a wrinkle-free face. It also serves as a sunscreen so you need not worry about being exposed to the sun. With tomato, your skin will look young and naturally glowing.

Lime, on the other hand, is a citrus fruit that acts as an antioxidant. When applied to skin, it treats dark spots, acnes and blemishes, and tighten pores. It also helps your skin fight infections and is effective for treating rashes and bruises. The abundance of vitamin C makes your skin unblemished and smoother, too.

Lastly, witch hazel, a flowering plant, contains gallic acid, which is suitable for combating virus and fungi. Famous for its healing properties, witch hazel is utilized not only for soothing dry skin but also for reducing stretch marks and taming varicose veins.

Together these three elements from nature create a whitening and healing soap that will thoroughly cleanse your skin.


What I like: As a fan of herbal soap, I easily fell in love with Tomato & Lime Complexion Bar. Its palatable appearance and fruity-flowery scent, as a result of the right combination of tomato, lime, and witch hazel extracts, allures the users.

After using the organic soap for some time, I noticed that my skin looked visibly brighter and smoother. There are also no observed skin breakouts on my face as I continue to use it.

It is very refreshing to the skin, and I feel like its cleaning deep down into my pores. With the presence of lycopene, the moisture and oil of my skin is regulated.

Moreover, I noticed that I do not really need to put too much blush on my face as it gives my skin a natural pinkish glow.

What I don’t like: Because of its natural components, the soap easily melts in the water. I suggest that you slice the bar into small pieces to utilize this organic soap up to the last piece.

I also noticed that with vigorous and prolonged application, the beauty bar would sometimes sting on my skin. This can be easily prevented by regulating your scrubbing motion and application on the skin.

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